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Fertility and Conception – The top Information You Need to discover


Easy way to get pregnant People dont generally know much about fertility and conception and doesn’t realise that their chances of conceiving can easily be touched by numerous things. Below are some fundamental facts to enhance your knowledge.

Have you heard…?

Some men and girls reach their peak of fertility during 24 yrs of age and after that it starts to deplete.

A female is born in all her eggs within the ovaries. They are definitely formed whilst in the womb and several eggs actually die before birth. These ova (eggs) continue dying until puberty when approximately 200,000-500,000 survive. In woman’s fertile years only 400-500 eggs will probably be released, in fact, one egg per thirty days. A woman aged 20 will have approximately 50,000 eggs, but by the time she actually is 35 she will only have 15,000 eggs left.

Women can conceive if from their first period (approx 11-13 outdated, but could possibly early as 9 years old!) until roughly 47 yrs old as soon as the average menopause starts.

Easy way to get pregnant

A girl in her 40s will only have a very 5% chance of conceiving month after month.

One of the biggest explanations for fertility complications is age. Nowadays more and more couples are waiting to begin with their own families until in a while in everyday life, e.g., their late 30s to early 40s, so there is are now lots more fertility issues being reported.

When an egg becomes available and waits among the fallopian tubes to get fertilised it can be proficient at being fertilised approximately 36 hours after release. The optimum time them be fertilised, however, is 12-24 hours after release. Sperm lives for up to three days after ejaculation so the best option of conception happens to be the 3-4 days around ovulation- the time before and boost to 36 hours after the egg is released.

20% of women in the UK wrongly think that they could conceive just before or merely after their period and also anytime in the course of the menstrual period. This isn’t true.

Easy way to get pregnant Sperm dies after 1 week inside the testes. In order for the sperm to get to the egg quick enough to fertilise it it is extremely essential that they usually have maximum energy and life. Ejaculation every 3-4 days is crucial so that you can maximise the chances of conception.


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